Friday, October 14, 2011

Clearing and Cleaning Vacant Lots - Ambergris Caye Building Properties

Many of my client are purchasing vacant land. It's cheaper then improved property and it lets them get something now that they can build on in the future. Since many vacant land parcels are in their raw natural state some choose to "clean" them to improve their appearance or to see what they have to work with.

Many of my clients who have purchased property in Grand Belizean Estates have had their lots cleaned. Here are the options that you can choose from. If you'd like to have this done just contact me.

Dennis Kay II
RE/MAX Island Real Estate

Lot Cleaning – US$399

The process of selectively cleaning the lot, leaving some tall trees and cleaning out the underbrush and unwanted plants.

Since the area where GBE is located is heavily wooded, cleaning the lot will make the lot easier to explore and gives you a better idea of the level of the land on your lot.

Lot Clearing – US$249

In this option the lot is completely cleared of all foliage. This is usually done on lots where larger buildings will be constructed or the ground will be completely paved/cemented, i.e. a parking lot.

Lot Filling – US$200 per truck load of fill (depends on size and existing elevation of lot)

Although all of Grand Belizean Estates is above sea level, some lots are noticeably higher than others. Most of the roads have been built to the level of the higher lots, leaving the lower lots slightly below the level of the roads. For these lots, GBE provides the option to fill the lot and raise the level up to the standard height.

The material used for filling is white maul and is the same material the developer used to create the subdivision roads as well as the access road that crosses the island east to west to access the area where Grand Belizean Estates is located.

Lot Ripping – US$499

In some cases, the limestone bedrock at Grand Belizean Estates is too solid to build on and the lot requires ripping. GBE’s Caterpillar D8 with rock ripper attachment passes through the lot obliterating the solid rock into smaller chunks of limestone that are easier to manage. Then the material is spread evenly across the entire lot, leaving it looking as if it had been cleared and filled.


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